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 Better Protein Bars - The Healthy Answer to a Massive Sweet Tooth

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MessageSujet: Better Protein Bars - The Healthy Answer to a Massive Sweet Tooth    Mer 16 Fév - 18:54

Anyone who knows me, knows without a doubt that I have a massive sweet tooth. Cookies, pastries, maple bars, pecan pie… Yum! Being a powerlifter and then strength athlete, I could get away with eating absolutely anything. And I usually did. Now that I am older and have bodybuilding aspirations, I find it is always a struggle to combine protein with lip-smacking sugary goodness.

Need2buildmuscle owner/designer/chef/celebrity/entrepreneur Nathan Chase decide to create a better than average protein bar. In that quest, he wanted a very filling and nutrient dense bar, not simply something that met the needs of today’s latest craze. He created simple packaging, and when it arrived, needed only 10 minutes of my time and a few pantry ingredients. That’s it. A simple, quick, tasty and very economical approach to snack time.

When SallyAnne asked me if I was interested in trying a new protein bar, I was skeptical. “But you get to make it yourself and they have peanut butter in them…” She knows I’m a sucker for peanut butter. I said sure, why not… and when N2BM’s package arrived, I set out to see if a home-made protein bar could be super nutrient dense, taste good and most importantly, pass the kid test.

When I read the back of the package and read the ingredient list, I was surprised. Very short and simple. “Whey Protein, Oatmeal, Wheat Germ, Sliced Almonds, Cranberries, Raisins and Organic Sour Apple Powder. ” No difficult to pronounce chemistry 201 pharmaceutical compounds, no dihydrophenylopropilamential whatever… When I read how to prepare them; I was even more impressed. Peanut Butter, Honey and Water were the only pantry items I needed. I poured the package contents into a large mixing bowl, then added my honey and peanut butter. ¼ cup of water to finish it off and then mixed it all together. It seemed to me that the mixture was a little dry and a bit difficult to bring all into cohesion, but as I found out, it doesn’t need to be. I spooned the entire thing into a 10”x14” pan, pressed it into place and put it in the fridge for a few hours.

Later that day I pulled them out, cut the tray into 12 bars and tried them. The honey moistened everything very well and gave 100% cohesion of the ingredients. Each bar lifted out of the pan moist and intact but firm like a bar should. No one likes a floppy bar…. I had made their Sour Apple bars this time and they were delicious. Each was texturally fantastic with plenty of peanut butter and not too sweet. I asked SallyAnne try one and she was impressed. Now, the big challenge: Sally’s son - Mitchie the Kid. Would he eat one? With some hesitation he said OK. After finishing two whole bars he told me “Ya, they’re ok”, and asked for a third one.

Packed with plenty of Essential Fatty Acids, Complex Carbohydrates and quality Whey Protein (26 grams of protein per bar!), these bars are not only delicious and easy to make, but an economical way to increase your caloric intake while solving that sweet tooth issue. The bars come in several flavors like Sour Apple, Butterscotch, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Raspberry and Peanut Butter and I look forward to trying every one of them. The bars lasted 3 days before I needed to make more. Next time, Butterscotch!

mouais bof ca à pas l'aire ultra au point silent
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Better Protein Bars - The Healthy Answer to a Massive Sweet Tooth

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